ASI is comprised or four divisions: Security Division, Armed/Investigative Operations Division, the Government Operations Division and Financial Division.

Our Security Division is responsible for the hiring of security officers, discipline, background screening, contract operations, supervisor selection, and overall supervision of personnel, including the planning and scheduling of work. ASI also maintains it's own security officers training program in order to provide a consistent level of officer training and background. All security officers are fingerprinted, registered and licensed with the State of New York and are in full compliance with all facets of the New York State Security Guard Act.

The Armed/Investigative Operations Division conducts pre-employment screening and background investigations and the assignment of armed security officers for staffing of clients contracts. We perform investigations including undercover officers, consulting on specialized security needs and facility surveys, emergency operations, computer crime programs, white-collar crime programs and executive protection.

‚ÄčThe financial division is responsible for accounting procedures, billing, procurement payroll and wage rate determination compliance. We utilize a computerized payroll system which allows the opportunity to not only monitor on-time performance but also payroll time records. ASI has also retained an outside auditing firm to conduct semiannual inspections of payroll time records, to ensure accurate and proper billing. The vast experience our management team has gained in the operation and administration of current and prior security contracts has resulted in development of a fine-tuned internal control system. Also assigned to this division is a computer expert with 20 years of N. Y. P. D. experience, with 11 years spent in the COMPSTAT program, and many years of experience in scheduling, managing and supervising security contracts.

‚ÄčThe government operations division is headed by former federal law enforcement personnel. Their primary responsibility is staffing, supervising and servicing all U.S. government contracts.


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